Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kinokuniya (this is why I have a membership card lolol XD)

Was at Takashimaya so you know… XP

8D Spot the odd one out lol XD

Mostly wanted to see is they had the Iron Man volumes I wanted. And was also curious to see if they sold the Avatar comics ><


Hey I don’t see me in this picture.

Oops :P Forgot my chibi Iron Man. Oh well =w=

At least you bought 2 more of my books. I knew you couldn’t resist me *smirk* 

…I bought 2 Avatar books too…

…I’m bigger B)

This is actually no. 2 and . Couldn’t find 1 but I saw these two were 1 story arc so just bought them together. This is the story arc with Pepper in the Rescue suit XD I think it’s set after Civil War though so…Captain America is dead? >~<

Heard that Deadpool’s comics are interesting so bought 1. :3


Was looking around the whole Graphic Novels section but couldn’t find any of the Avatar comics. Gave up and used the search station. Apprantly its in the children’s section. Oh yeah, it’s a kid’s cartoon. lol XP

There’s also a Part 3 which wasn’t in stock >~<

The only manga I got today LOL >< Barely even stepped into the manga section. Just saw this was on a shelf I was passing by so just grabbed it and continued walking XP

Finally the last book of the FMA series ><