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I like how it’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Thor: The Dark World” and then Iron Man is just like, fuck the bullshit, we’re just callin’ this thing “Iron Man 3”. 

Because a secondary title would imply it’s also about something other than Iron Man. And we all know how well that would work out.

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"Iron Man 3: Tony Stark"

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Monday, January 13, 2014

(Oh wait…wrong Avengers character


(Oh wait…wrong Avengers character

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Public holiday today so…went to Kino ><

More Fables \o/ Pewdiepie has been playng “A Wolf Among Us” recently and it looks so fun ;A;

Was originally just gonna get 5 then I saw 6 had a storyline titled “Happily Ever After” so I had to get it too ><

And yes! I was right! Bigby and Snow finally reunited and got married \(;A;)/

And I finally found the 4th volume of Invincible Iron Man ^^

The sequel to Princess Knight. The tone s sort of similar to the previous series. It has comedy, rather interesting plotline and super fast pacing >< 

Last 3 volumes \o/ and also ;A;

And the last 2 books of Howl’s Moving Castle :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey guys,


Save up some money so that you can go with me to Hong Kong’s Disneyland in 2016.

They’re planning to launch a new Iron Man-themed area, “The Iron Man Experience” that will include a thrill ride where we can battle against alien invaders with Iron Man.




Tuesday, September 10, 2013

STGCC 2013 Loot

Anyway, proper loot post time ><

Like half the stuff I got from the event was birthday presents. And got everything on the 2nd day. Because Day 1 I was walking around in the Belle ballgown. Had to carry Chip and my phone so couldn’t be bothered to bring a wallet as well. Just walked around thinking of what I would want to buy the next day ><

Then of course Day 2 was also my birthday so yea ^^

The real presents I got from shikiftw, rubiwitch and other friends >< 

Sentimental circus stuff of course coz I freaking love Shappo >w< There was a mini backpack which is unfortunately a bit too big for my MSD Bri. And also a whindchime, apparently they got it from the lucky draw thing 0w0

Wrapping the graphic novel came in. lolol

It was a total surprise when I unwrapped it and saw Black Orchid >w< It was very obviously a book but I though it was some artbook or something. Or maybe even the Sentimental Cicus book. Yes, there is one. I think it’s a storybook.

Apparently they got it because rubiwitch remembered I like Neil Gaiman >< Actually been meaning to get this since my colleague reccommended it since the art is nice so yay >w<y One less book to buy ><

…1 week+ later and I still haven’t read it yet ”’OTL

The other present I got was from my friend who was working at the event 

So the tofu oyako creators were at the event and since my friend works for Play Imaginative, she got me the event-exclusive(?) figure and got them to sign it for me >w<

Never gotten a signed anything before OMG. And it’s so cute >w<

Went into the event area to meet her so then walked around to buy some stuff I wanted.



Saw that they were selling this so of course I had to get it! XD They also gave a free hugeass poster :D

Gonna be having an Iron Man movie marathon this Saturday with some friends now that I have all the movies ^^

Finally got myself a Tokidoki shirt >< Regret not buying more because they were only $15 each ;x; And OMG had  hard time just deciding which design to buy. They were allll soo CUTE!!! >w<

A little later got this from nanachikaze. They were giving it out at one of the stalls so she helped us take a few :D

Saturday, September 7, 2013

STGCC 2013 Day 2

So woke up early because had a Sailor Moon photoshoot before the event. Prepared everything at home then reached the area around 11. 

Attempted to take a selca in the car on the way there =3=

Finally had the full outfit with my sword prop and even got fake earrings >w< Minor detail but yea

Finally met the whole team. Basically just had the photoshoot at the area outside. Like along the Helix bridge and a few areas. It started to rain then we went to eat lunch first then continued at an empty space on the 3rd(?) floor

No photos because I haven’t received any yet ><

Went to meet up with my friends around 3 or so. Didn’t get many pictures of me at the event because I was tired of posing for photos already though did get a few requests while walking in the event area. ><

Continued the “Take photos with all the Iron Man o/” Challenge XP

Uranus sitting like a boss with Mark 42 XD

This one had a queue to take photos but we decided since it was the last day of the event and we had already seen all the shops and stuff, might as well. 

Uranus and Takagi from Bakuman. XD

Took another photo with golden Iron Man coz I forgot I had already done so the day before XP

Met up with my friend again. She gave me a birthday present~~ XD <3<3<3

Bought something stuff I really really wanted then went back to the cosplayer resting area to slack a while. Opened up a few more presents =w= Gonna post my loot post seperately so no pics here 

Met up with our Minnie~ Was supposed to be in our group but she had something else on so couldn’t make it for Day 1 :<

So anyway after the event, we all went to Pizza Hut to eat lunch. Because the birthday girl said so XP

Then halfway though I realized shikiftw and rubiwitch were gone uite a while. Turns out they went to get a cake for me >A<

And then they all sang the birthday song like super loud on purpose. Luckily it was late so like there weren’t many ppl around. Had to cut the cake into 16 slices but halfway through someone else took over because apparantly I handle knives like a murderer >3>

Overall a frikkin awesome birthday and end to an event >w<

Thursday, September 5, 2013



This is Pepper Potts, can you hear me? by Angela Bermúdez

Pepper Potts | R.E.S.C.U.E. armor

Cosplayer facebook / deviantart

Holy crap! That’s fantastic!


Monday, August 12, 2013
War Machine: *oh god why*
Iron Patriot: Tony pls. Stahp.
Tony Stark: Yea baby! I&#8217;m the king of the world! 0/

(it&#8217;s funny how the armour lines for War Machine and Iron Patriot helmets make them look so depressed. You&#8217;re in a room full of Iron Man/Tony Stark now, Rhodey. I can see why XP)

War Machine: *oh god why*

Iron Patriot: Tony pls. Stahp.

Tony Stark: Yea baby! I’m the king of the world! 0/

(it’s funny how the armour lines for War Machine and Iron Patriot helmets make them look so depressed. You’re in a room full of Iron Man/Tony Stark now, Rhodey. I can see why XP)

Iron Man Papercraft


Souvenirs from America given by the awesome emotionalfossil (the right one is mine. The left is shikiftw’s. Iron Man fans unite!~ o/)

Out of the box. Time to Assemble!

Basically just put together like a box. Was really easy to fix up. It’s cardboard with some parts matte and some parts glossy. Other than Mark 42’s head (for some reason) they mostly stay intat as long as you put the tabs in properly and securely :3 

Probably better to stick the ends down with double-sided tape or glue but meh…I’m lazy −3- It’s already good enough as it is. 

As usual, had to rearrange some stuff. 

Rearranged a bit. Some like the chibi Iron Man plushie can’t fit anymore >< (wonderwhatI’mgoingtodowhenIgettheMark42nendoroidandMechanicTonyHotToys >x>)

Extra little Iron Man head. I don’t actually know what it’s supposed to be. A hologram? It’s supposed to be displayed with Tony in the “house” part of the diorama (basically the other side of this background. Looks like a little ghost Iron Man head >w<

They also have stickers butbutbut can’t bear to use them ;A; *keeps back in box*

As for the main characters (which as you can see aren’t in the main display area)…

Put them on the top of my com >w<

Decided to also shift around some stuff in my shelf area coz it’s getting kinda cluttered


Mum got me these mini display case thingies so decided to finally put them to use. Was trying to fit my KHR chibi figurines at first but they were all slightly too tall (pineapple heads and long swords >A<) 

Switched the position of my eeveelutions. All my Sailor Moon figures here now. Lonely little schoolgirl Homura at the corner >< (OhGodwherewillIputmyupcomingSailorMoonFiguarts?) >A<

Friday, August 2, 2013