Saturday, September 20, 2014

Went out with my parents today to buy stuff. Mostly because I needed a new bag for school (yes need. For reals guys)

There was a bag I had been eyeing but they didn’t have the colour/design I wanted anymore because new season. So just went around Vivo looking for anything nice.


Bought a bag from this store called February 29. Apparantly it’s a local brand 0w0 Mostly sold leather stuff but some of the bags were canvas and I loved this design and colour so bought it. Pretty big too so my sketchbooks and papers won’t get squashed haha.

Also got a 10% discount just for liking their Facebook page XD


Added this badge patch thing I got from that super cute handmade stuff shop at STGCC >w< Just nice I happened to get a green bag so it matches even more hehe. I was always intending to put it on whatever new bag I got.

There were these small stalls set up selling handmade stuff and jewellery. Bought the ring because I like wearing rings now apparantly. And the necklace because there is no such thing as too much Alice in Wonderland themed stuff 0w0


Somehow always end up clothes shopping. haha Got this suspender skirt thing from H&M. 0w0



Went into the Paris Miki shop to buy contacts but they didn’t sell the usual series I wear (Blincon BB). Happened to see this cute contact lens case on my way out though. >w<

/forever Disney weakness

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cher US holiday: Day 1 Downtown Disney

(splitting up my posts because I don’t want long image spams ><)

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

AFA 2013 Loot

Yup, not much loot this year >< I’m sort of, not so into anime that I need to own lots of merchandise. And anyway, I don’t really follow any of the newer stuff ><

Mostly bought pokemon keychains for my 3DS pouch ^^ Got the pokemon cloth also because it was really cute and my specs need a cute cloth to go with its cute cover ><

The little Izumo badge was given to me by the lovely rubiwitch ^3^/ <3<3<3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Public holiday today so…went to Kino ><

More Fables \o/ Pewdiepie has been playng “A Wolf Among Us” recently and it looks so fun ;A;

Was originally just gonna get 5 then I saw 6 had a storyline titled “Happily Ever After” so I had to get it too ><

And yes! I was right! Bigby and Snow finally reunited and got married \(;A;)/

And I finally found the 4th volume of Invincible Iron Man ^^

The sequel to Princess Knight. The tone s sort of similar to the previous series. It has comedy, rather interesting plotline and super fast pacing >< 

Last 3 volumes \o/ and also ;A;

And the last 2 books of Howl’s Moving Castle :D

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 DVD



Actually arrived earlier than I expected. Received the shipping notice sometime…last week? I used SAL so was expecting a minimum of 3 weeks (according to the e-mail) Actually ordered with tracking but couldn’t see to get any tracking info? 

But came home yesterday to a missed delivery note! My mum helped me to collect it in the afternoon. Don’t know how I managed to survive the whole day at work >w<


The front and back ^^

Have 2 copies now because I helped rubiwitch order hers too XD


All the things.

-A slip at the back with the usual DVD info. (Running time etc.)

-Plastic case which held the DVD and booklet

-DVD cover

-Booklet which is apparantly a First Press special? (ordered from CDJapan)


2 DVDs. One is the actual musical performance and the other is all the extras (OMG please let there be the one where Yuya dropped the letter opener just before “Checkmate” XD)


The booklet is basically mostly a smaller version of the programme booklet without all the ads and stuff.


The first page includes the same illustration as the programme booklet. An image of Sebby and Grell, drawn by Yana Toboso.


As far as I can tell, the only difference is that there are 6 pages of lyrics for all the songs with some images from the musical. The other stuff, (Cast profiles, interviews, rehearsal images) are the same as in the programme booklet ^^

And yes, I did go all the way to Japan for the actual performance (with rubiwitch). We went on like the 2nd night. haha, I remember rushing to book the tickets the day they opened the online booking. 

Been waiting forever for this. I think I preordered like a month or so after the performance? CDJapan didn’t even have the release date or preview image out yet then XP

Can’t wait to watch it XD

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

STGCC 2013 Loot

Anyway, proper loot post time ><

Like half the stuff I got from the event was birthday presents. And got everything on the 2nd day. Because Day 1 I was walking around in the Belle ballgown. Had to carry Chip and my phone so couldn’t be bothered to bring a wallet as well. Just walked around thinking of what I would want to buy the next day ><

Then of course Day 2 was also my birthday so yea ^^

The real presents I got from shikiftw, rubiwitch and other friends >< 

Sentimental circus stuff of course coz I freaking love Shappo >w< There was a mini backpack which is unfortunately a bit too big for my MSD Bri. And also a whindchime, apparently they got it from the lucky draw thing 0w0

Wrapping the graphic novel came in. lolol

It was a total surprise when I unwrapped it and saw Black Orchid >w< It was very obviously a book but I though it was some artbook or something. Or maybe even the Sentimental Cicus book. Yes, there is one. I think it’s a storybook.

Apparently they got it because rubiwitch remembered I like Neil Gaiman >< Actually been meaning to get this since my colleague reccommended it since the art is nice so yay >w<y One less book to buy ><

…1 week+ later and I still haven’t read it yet ”’OTL

The other present I got was from my friend who was working at the event 

So the tofu oyako creators were at the event and since my friend works for Play Imaginative, she got me the event-exclusive(?) figure and got them to sign it for me >w<

Never gotten a signed anything before OMG. And it’s so cute >w<

Went into the event area to meet her so then walked around to buy some stuff I wanted.



Saw that they were selling this so of course I had to get it! XD They also gave a free hugeass poster :D

Gonna be having an Iron Man movie marathon this Saturday with some friends now that I have all the movies ^^

Finally got myself a Tokidoki shirt >< Regret not buying more because they were only $15 each ;x; And OMG had  hard time just deciding which design to buy. They were allll soo CUTE!!! >w<

A little later got this from nanachikaze. They were giving it out at one of the stalls so she helped us take a few :D

Sunday, August 4, 2013

So today, went to Takashimaya. Supposed to be treating my parents to lunch/dinner since I got my first pay but…we ended up just eating at Food Republic so I didn’t get to OTL

>~< Will treat them to some fancyass restaurant next week >A<

So anyway, yea you know how this goes. Takashimaya = Kinokuniya =…


Finally found this! >< Been wanting to read it ever since I watched the Ghibli version but everytime I went was always just Castle in the Sky onwards ><


I…still haven’t read Fables 3 I bought the last time >~>;;;

Sandman~ =w= Not a huge fan of the art but I LOVE the story >w<

Last volume ;~; It’s ok, there’s still 2 volumes of short stories and the Artbook uwu And also all the Figuarts XD

Ouran~ =w=

…hmmm I remember getting a One Piece 18 also but it seems to be missing at the moment…

Actually went to the magazines side to contemplate buying the Figure Japan issue with the MadoKami figurine but decided not to get in the end. The came across this. Thought would be nice to buy since there would be maid!Izumo inside. Then realized it’s the latest chapter that hasn’t even been scanlated yet 0w0

OMG no regrets getting it even though there’s no furoku ><

Made me have a new cosplan. Dammit. My Rin don’t even have to change but I have to make a whole new outfit >3<

Gonna bring this to the beach outing on Friday for my lovely Shiemi (nanachikaze) to translate~ 0w0 <3

And another Doctor Who book~ =w=

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kino post: “OMG I actually still read manga” Edition

Or “OMG an actual book” Edition

Or “Freaking finish blogging about your Japan Trip already gdi” Edition


Saw it and had to get it. Like all the scanlations stop at the chapters in Vol. 9. 

And OMG why did I even start reading this in the first place ;A; Remember I started when it was on OneManga (back when there was actually manga there) and it already stated in the synopsis that this series was about unrequited love. But I was like “Well I like the author so meh, I’ll just try reading this” and now…… QQAAQQQQQQQQ

I like One Piece. There are currently 66 volumes.

/looks at bookshelf


Wanna complete my Ouran collection ><

1 more book to the end~ 

Been wanting to try this series. Kinda like the art and the fashion 0w0

Don’t really know about this series but it looks cute, and it’s Tezuka manga, and it’s only 1 book so =w=

Viz why you hiatus KHR?!?!?!?! ;;A;;;;;;

Bought this volume coz it’s the start of the Ten Year Arc. I think this is where they stopped coz I haven’t seen any volumes past this one =3=


4 more books to the end ;3;

Finally the 3rd volume. Kept seeing only volume 4 every time I went >3<

OMG an actual book which is not Doctor Who-related or a translated light novel ><

Recently don’t follow many book series. Mainly this one and Percy Jackson >< Dunnoe anyone got any good books to reccommend (please no vampire series =A=)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

J-Trip 2013 Day 1

So on 11 May went on a holiday to Japan~ >w<

Was actually supposed to go to the US but something came up and my mum ran out of leave so Japan it was. 

Managed to get rubiwitch to tag along too XD Our second time going to Japan together. This time we shared a room so HONEYMOON >w0~<3 If only her Syaoran wig had been collected in time, we could have had a Sakura Syaoran honeymoon ;~;

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Saturday, May 18, 2013
(yup friggin panorama)

(yup friggin panorama)