Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kino post: “OMG I actually still read manga” Edition

Or “OMG an actual book” Edition

Or “Freaking finish blogging about your Japan Trip already gdi” Edition


Saw it and had to get it. Like all the scanlations stop at the chapters in Vol. 9. 

And OMG why did I even start reading this in the first place ;A; Remember I started when it was on OneManga (back when there was actually manga there) and it already stated in the synopsis that this series was about unrequited love. But I was like “Well I like the author so meh, I’ll just try reading this” and now…… QQAAQQQQQQQQ

I like One Piece. There are currently 66 volumes.

/looks at bookshelf


Wanna complete my Ouran collection ><

1 more book to the end~ 

Been wanting to try this series. Kinda like the art and the fashion 0w0

Don’t really know about this series but it looks cute, and it’s Tezuka manga, and it’s only 1 book so =w=

Viz why you hiatus KHR?!?!?!?! ;;A;;;;;;

Bought this volume coz it’s the start of the Ten Year Arc. I think this is where they stopped coz I haven’t seen any volumes past this one =3=


4 more books to the end ;3;

Finally the 3rd volume. Kept seeing only volume 4 every time I went >3<

OMG an actual book which is not Doctor Who-related or a translated light novel ><

Recently don’t follow many book series. Mainly this one and Percy Jackson >< Dunnoe anyone got any good books to reccommend (please no vampire series =A=)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

J-Obsession 2013

Went to check out the event today. First time going to J-ob ^^


Went with my “BF-for-the-day” rubiwitch 8D

Had to go to Sunshine Plaza first though.


Printed out namecard sample and 1 image for portfolio presentation on Tuesday ><
The more I look at my namecard the more I sort of hate it X~X

I think need to adjust the saturation. Maybe go for more towards sky blue on the background. Also maybe change to a smooth matte instead of current sort of pearlescent white ><

Then went to J-Ob which was held at The Cathay. The theme was One Piece to tie-in withOne Piece Film Z which is currently being shown.

Watched the cosplay competition though I didn’t stay for the results so dunnoe who won >< Was a One Piece cosplay competition.

There was a Chopper who danced PonPonPon for her performance. Was a bit awkward coz I guess she was nervous and maybe not used to dancing but she was kinda cute.

And one super cute Luffy with a few props. Like his specs+moustache disguise. And a “shiny eyes” specs which she used with a plushie meat that she pretended to eat. Overall a super cute and in-character performance. Hope she was the winner ><

Also went into a shop with many interesting clothes and accessories. Got our photo taken because one of the shop assistants thought out clothes were interesting ^^


Namecard of the shop’s owner ^^

After that, went to Liang Court around 6 because there was a small Japan sale there.

Bought some snacks ^^


Milk candy because I love milk flavoured stuff~ >w<

And the crab flavoured cracker thingies. Bought 2 coz my parents also like and like cannot find it very often ><

Got a free lifetime membership card thingy


Cute Luffy and Chopper design~ >w<

I think they give to anyone who spent over $10 at the sale because rubiwitch didn’t get one ><

After that went to try our luck at the gacha machines there. 

Got a Brook from the One Piece Film Z gacha machine.

I was like telling rubiwitch “I’ll just go for the One Piece Film Z one because I don’t mind any that I get.”

Rubiwtch: Even Brook?

Me: …yea. He looks ok lah.

/turns gacha 

/gets Brook.


…number 1 choice was Luffy-with-giant-meat though ><

Sunday, September 9, 2012

So went to Takashimaya today.

Got a new wallrt \0/ haha Both my parents looked at my old one and were like, you need to buy a new one. lolol Poor old tokidoki wallet. Really love the design but decided a leather one was better. Cloth gets dirty really really easy and is hard to wash. The last time I washed it it got worse >< Made the metal parts rusty and some of the leather parts got torn OTL

Many many more card slots and areas XD 

My dad got a $80 Takashimaya cash voucher from his company and this wallet was just nice $80. lol. So its like I got this wallet for free XP

So you know, anywhere there’s a Kinokuniya…blah blah blah, my parents mentioned they hadn’t given me a birthday present…

Moving on.

Oh hey look, some manga XP 

Books 5 and 6 of the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels. Actually haven’t finished reading 4. OTL More short stories, according to the summary at the back. Endless eight is in here >< Bought 2 because the continuation of one of the stories is in the next one ><

Do I really have to say anything about this? It’s the latest Sailor Moon, I saw it, I bought it. XD

Slowly buying the One Piece manga. It’s already up to 62 (for the American English version) ><”’ looong long way to go. 

2nd book in the Marvel Oz series. Bought and read the 1st one yesterday. Really love all the character designs. Wish this could be made into a TV series or something. The Wizard of Oz is a much longer story than I thought. The movies really leave out a lot of stuff ><  

Number 1 which I couldn’t find the last time. Couldn’t find number 4 either D: The 3rd one ends on a sort of cliffhanger so I really wanna read the continuation >3<

Another one I bought because it looked interesting. It’s one of those all the fairy tale characters live in one world kinda story. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Was happily reading One Piece when suddenly&#8230;

Was happily reading One Piece when suddenly…


Sunday, May 13, 2012




Prototypes for Chess Piece Collection R, release date set for late April 2012.

Luffy: King
Nami: Queen
Sanji: Bishop
Zoro: Knight
Usopp: Rook
Chopper: Pawn

Luffy and Nami as King and Queen!!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh mai god a non-Avengers/Korra post

Went down to Hougang to collect my package. Wai always like to arrive when I not at home ;_; Like that day I was home from morning to about 2~ but nooooo it can’t arrive at that time. So now my parents know I have bulky mail and they think it’s Bri’s head…which has not even been shipped yet 



Package. Slightly bigger than my previous FMA and Yuya ones but SUPER light.

Lots of bubblewrap >3<

One Piece Blue Deep >w< I think I like One Piece more than KHR now >< 

I’ll never be able to cosplay any OP characters though. Sad ;_; (Does not have the chest size/does not crossdress) 

Unlike my Fruits Basket Fanbook, I’m gonna actually take my time and slowly read/translate my way through the whole thing. ><

Pull-out colour page. Wanna tear it out as poster but I’m afraid I will spoil the book ;_;

Little extras I got as well >< Actually managed to get 2 of the full cat ones. Lucky! >w< Ones for me and the other 2 are to give my friends. Though… is it weird to give presents when they’re birthdays have passed for quite a while? ._.

My phone. This is the most accessorized phone I’ve had. Usually I leave my phone plain or just like 1 small keychain >w<

Monday, April 30, 2012

Actually wanted to draw the skull but was too difficult. Gave up after like 5 tries =3=

Wish I had yellow nail polish…

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


What is going on here?? XD

I… I have no idea what’s going on here, but now I really want to know, too!  (And then read a bunch of fic about it.  :|b)

It&#8217;s from the 3D mini-movie. Luffy&#8217;s looking for his straw hat. And of course Luffy being Luffy, he doesn&#8217;t think before searching in&#8230;questionable places &gt;w&lt;
I think if you search the one piece tag you should be able to find the full movie. :)



What is going on here?? XD

I… I have no idea what’s going on here, but now I really want to know, too!  (And then read a bunch of fic about it.  :|b)

It’s from the 3D mini-movie. Luffy’s looking for his straw hat. And of course Luffy being Luffy, he doesn’t think before searching in…questionable places >w<

I think if you search the one piece tag you should be able to find the full movie. :)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



first time i have ever seen lufffy being so cuttttteeeee&gt;W&lt;&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3 

eh? Luffy is always cute! Except when he&#8217;s being badass XD




first time i have ever seen lufffy being so cuttttteeeee>W<

eh? Luffy is always cute! Except when he’s being badass XD

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012